Café - Vienna

Commercial Portfolio - Proposals

Although Palais Ferstel offered historically inspired architecture, the design proposal offering seating for 90 covers was based on a completely contemporary style of decor. The design concept was derived from the infinite possibilities of unfolding, expanding, reducing, breaking, i.e. ‘deconstructing' of an ‘origami fortune teller’. 

The logo, merchandise  and the selection of FF&E all worked cohesively with the design concept of this space.  

Learning Centre- London

This was a design project for a training centre for young adults aged between 19 and 25 with learning disabilities.

The creative concept was derived from the existing logo of the charity behind the project, keeping the colour palette restrained to three colours translating into the three-tier operations of the centre - blue for the learning centre, pink for the training cafe and navy blue for the office. 

Face Cube Opticians - London

This design was created for a chain of opticians for their 'Face Cube' installation - a commercial venture to promote their brand identity. The Cube measured 12m x 12m divided between  two floors, each floor measured 5.2m from floor to ceiling. The glass cube had an intelligent glass exterior that showed moving images of faces – hence the name FACE CUBE. During opening hours most of the panels featured these images, but some were left clear to allow customers to see into the units.

The concept of this design was to play with suspended cubes and illuminated surfaces, to build and promote the look and perception of the Face Cube brand. In addition, it gave potential customers the opportunity to immerse themselves in an exciting shopping experience through Snapchat inspired interactive walls. The design proposed something different - no more a mundane visit to the opticians, but something to look forward to. Playful and immersive!

Hotel - San Francisco

Mosaic-cladded ribbon wrapped the facade of the extension of a hotel in San Francisco - inspired by the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.
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